Nick Diaz was getting it done in the press conference. It was the Nick Diaz Show and everyone knew it.

GSP got flustered by him too.

Can’t wait for Saturday night…it’s going down.

  1. i-want-to-dive-lost-mind said: WOLF TICKETS FTW! LOL
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    Nick Diaz is from the hood doe!
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    My bad. My memory is a little hazy on fights. But yeah I strongly doubt that Diaz takes this one. He’s got very good...
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    GSP didn’t beat the shit out of BJ Penn twice. It was only the once and that was at UFC 94. The other fight was very...
  5. notsuperstitious said: I feel bad for GSP. I don’t understand why he’s always getting picked on.
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    If he couldn’t beat Condit, he might have serious trouble with GSP. But I’m hoping he knocks GSP out cause I loathe...
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    I used to loathe Nick Diaz and the only reason I wanted to see him in the UFC was for GSP to son the shit out of him....
  8. trxl said: GSP is gonna destroy him.
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