LOL. If I got to be a man for a day I'd jack off to see how it is haha. I totally get you :P anyways. If you were given the choice to choose between love and sex, what would you choose? You can't have both :p

LOL! You see! Having a curious mind causes you to think things like that!

On with the question…I can’t have both, that’s fucking cruel! 

Anyway, sex or love…sex or love…love or sex…love or sex…You know what, I’m going to pick love. And I’m about to break it down here:

Sex is a foreign concept to me (I’m still a virgin! That means I’m still pure!) as is love (never had a girlfriend which I’m really on the fence about — in the sense that I want one but I don’t because I don’t have high hopes in myself for being a good boyfriend), but if I was to choose between the two, it’d be love.

You see, you can have sex with a person without loving them. That’s just as life goes. I’m not against that, but there’s loads of people who regret doin’ the dirty with a person that falls into these categories

-A person they don’t know.

-A person they don’t like.

-A person that is their friend.

They tend to regret these things because not only does it make things awkward, losing your virginity to someone you don’t like or know is just…I dunno…it just sucks.
Now, I’m not trying to make myself holier than thou here. I’m just saying, I prefer love because love is long term and while you can have sex with a person without being emotionally tied/without loving them, you can’t love someone without being emotionally tied/without loving them. Therefore, I think love is much better than sex. Love is long time while a one night stand only lasts for…I don’t know…about a couple of hours (this is a rough guess, I don’t calculate how many seconds, minutes and hours people go at it for). Well…fuck buddy relationships last long, but that’s not exactly the general idea.
And it’s not only the long-term benefit, it’s the fact that you’ll get a lot more from love. Like, feelings-wise and happiness. And I think being able to make that one special person happy and having that one special person make me happy (along with putting up with my pessimistic self) is most probably going to be more enjoyable than sex. But the downside to love is that when you break up, it’ll leave you feeling like shit.
So in short: love over sex, because I’m a lovely bastard because I’d pretty much prefer a long time feeling than a feeling that’ll last a couple of hours. And sex will come with love anyway (if you’re lucky).
Thanks for asking me a question :)
14, 23, 25, 31, 35, 44, 51, 56, 77 and 85

14. What’s your favourite movie? 

I don’t have a favourite because it’s hard to pick out such a thing. I do enjoy “The Departed” (which I’m watching in Media and have seen beforehand anyway) and “Don’t Be A Menace” (one of the greatest comedy films ever) the most. As I said, it’s hard to pick out such a thing, but other films I greatly enjoy include: “The Dark Knight” (watched that for the first time ever last month - yeah, I’m slow), “Do The Right Thing” and “How High”. There are many others, but I can’t think of it at this time.

23. What would your dream house be like?

Big. Real big. Super big. Loads of rooms, swimming pool, huge ass master bedroom, my own training centre inside…There’s just so much I would love in a house. Shit, it could be like the Playboy Mansion - without loads of sexy women.

25. What is your favourite word? 

My favourite word? My favourite word? My own name. Yes, I’m so vain. Love my own name. Hey that rhymes! I’m a poet and I don’t even know it! No seriously, there’s one word that can explain everything at any given time: ‘fuck’. No word can compare to fuck. No word can ever compare to the powerful, deep meaning that fuck can mean. You can use fuck anywhere in any situation. Examples include:

Having sex with someone: "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YES! OH YES!"

Insulting someone: "Fuck you." 

Playing a game: "Oh for fuck sake, these fucking quickscopers need to fuck off!" 

At a funeral: "Wait, I’m not sitting in the limo? FUCK!"

At a wedding: "FUCK! I shouldn’t have held my peace!"

Or when you’re just struggling to come up with something: "Erm…erm…fuck." 

So you could say fuck is my favourite word. 

31. Do you have any siblings?

I have loads of half-brothers and two half-sisters. The main half-sister is my five year old sister Kyra. No matter how badly behaved she is, I will forever love her. 

44. Do you have any tattoos?

No. Having tattoos on a black person is really pointless…Unless it’s a really badass one (like Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson’s dragon thing that he’s got going on. I’d take that in an instant if I was actually really muscly).

55. What is your favourite type of food?

Chicken. I love chicken. Chicken is the best food there is and the best food there ever will be. I love it fried. I love it boiled. I love it when it’s been cooked in the oven. I’ll fucking eat that motherfucker raw. I love it so much. In fact, I love meat but chicken is the best. As a black person, I’m supposed to love it. If you’re a vegetarian, I feel sorry for you, because you’re missing out on the most sexy meat ever.

56. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I had to Google this to find out what it was and I’ll say I’m in-between: ambivert. While I am very talkative at times, assertive and enthusiastic, I enjoy having time to myself and being in smaller groups or doing things independently/being alone. I’m like that and I kinda like it that way. 

77. What is your favourite quote and why?

I don’t really have one for the reason that there are so many quotes that really explain situations really well. I just don’t like quotes that people like fucking blow out of proportion like these Wiz Khalifa quotes. Who gives a fuck about what that fucking pothead has to say? Not me.

85. Have you experienced unrequited love?

Actually, yes. Countless times. This might be a long one:

I really don’t like being ‘upfront’ about my personal feelings about someone. This all relates to my fear of being ‘rejected’ by that girl that I confront. Now, this may seem strange, but being rejected is kind of embarrassing. But if I was to be totally honest, I’ve never - ever - EEEEVEEER had a ‘serious’ relationship. All this being tied down to the fact I’m not ‘upfront’ with my feelings or that people don’t find me at all attractive.

I’m currently experiencing unrequited love now. I’m pretty sure the girl doesn’t know (and it’d be best if this girl is not named for the sake of my Tumblr page being advertised on Twitter and on my Facebook) and if she does know, well I’m fucked. I find this girl to be kind and beautiful and I enjoy talking to her (yeah, we’re friends). However, I don’t want to ruin that friendship for several reasons:

  1. I’m practically in the ‘friend zone’ now and I have a philosophy that friends who date don’t work out. It may work out in movies, but most of the time in real life, that shit doesn’t fucking work. I’ve seen people who were like the best of friends finally go out for their ‘relationship’ to last a week.
  2. I lack confidence in these type of situations. I’m confident in most and nearly all situations but this one. I will pussy out like a little bitch in this situation. If I was pressured to say I ‘loved’ this girl, I’d pretty much not want to say it.
  3. I’m not exactly the ‘best looking’ candidate for a boyfriend for several reasons. I enjoy time to myself (as mentioned before but I’m not the ‘FOREVER ALONE’ type), I really don’t hang around with people much (despite me wanting to, but not being able to), I can be very annoying at time, I cannot provide what the girl needs and therefore I think she can do a lot better than me.
So right now, I’m trying to just tone down my affections for the girl and trying to forget about it. Yeah, I think about it from time to time and yeah, it’s a bad choice to tone down and forget about it, but I’d rather not ruin a friendship with a fucking short-term relationship. As much as I would like to be in a relationship with this girl, it won’t work out PLUS as much as I want to be in a ‘serious’ relationship, I don’t think I am in a position to do so/I would be very pessimistic to the actual concept. Yeah, I think I said a bit too much. And with that, I think I’ve pretty much revealed a lot of my problems.