All righty, here we go:

I agree with the dislike of Jay Z, since, I find that his rhymes lack creativity, and tend to be misogynistic, which I obviously have no interest in. Funny thing about that comment though, Mike Shinoda and Jay Z are pals, they hand out together, Jay Z produced Mike’s solo album. I highly doubt they have anything more than maybe a friendly rivalry with each other, so, why do fans have to have a rivalry?

Secondly, lets not diss Mr. Shinoda. He’s not gangsta, he’s REAL. An actual human being, in the flesh, who writes lyrics about subject matter that is not intended to appeal to a mass commercial audience. He is not superficial, he is who he is, take it or leave it. If my choices are Big Pimpin’, about having sex with women in a variety of locations and positions, versus Kenji, a short history about what his father and aunt went through during the internment of Japanese Americans and what they dealt when they finally got out of the camps, I’m gonna have to go with Kenji.

If this makes me an idiot, well, then I am proud to be one, because at least I like music with substance. All I wanted to do was search the tag “mike shinoda” and fangirl for a while, but no, you and your opinion just had to come along and ruffle my feathers…

As seen here:

We’ve all had to make this decision. Don’t act like you’ve never had to.